Little My Bravestarr

My Collections Site

Hi and welcome to My Collections Site.

As you see  I'm a collector  and have been a collector for many year.
Dependent on the item, series you look at.
First you will see my collection of the Japanese manga artist Yoshihiro Takahashi. And his many work.
I have a admire and been a collector of Yoshihiro Takahashi for many years now.
I collect mostly manga and merchandise from the series :Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. But also from Mr Takahashi's many other work.  That I vault much.
But here will other things items, merchandise that I collect be aswell.

As the site grow and I will add more info and photos you see other series and other things aswell.
I hope to get in touch with people,those who just like the series, book and anime as me too.
But also meet, talk to fellow collector out there.

So welcome to my lair
Hope you will have a good time here :)  


Remember that the photos are from My Private collection.
And there for the photos are NOT allowed for  for to up-lode or use any photos in any way,form, shape and so one.

You need to  get approve from Me and give Credits to Me aswell
Pleases be polite and give me credits for mine own photos